Robert Carroll, Ph.D.(c)

Project Director and Clinical Subject Matter Expert

Robert Carroll

A hashtag that best describes my 4-year tenure at IQ Solutions: #EmpowerThroughKnowledge

For more than 25 years, I have worked in both governmental and civic public health. As a health communications team member at IQ Solutions, I have united my clinical expertise in HIV, behavioral health, and nursing with my skills in project management, health communications, and marketing, and my passion for innovation.

I am committed to decreasing health disparities, and it is a privilege to combine my clinical and communications skills to help improve the lives of our nation’s most marginalized and underserved.

I am most inspired when I learn how the work I’ve been involved in has positively affected the life of a person in crisis or need.

My Thoughts

Robert Carroll, Ph.D.(c)

Increasing Impact Against HIV: The Crucial Role of Nursing

Every year on December 1st, World AIDS Day affords us the opportunity to remember the lives of those lost to HIV and AIDS, to honor those dedicated to supporting and caring for those living with or affected by HIV, and to renew our global commitment to HIV prevention, care, and treatment.

Robert Carroll, Ph.D.(c)

Getting to Zero and the HIV Care Continuum

Recent research has shown that early HIV treatment decreases the risk of transmission, as well as improves the health of infected individuals.

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