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IQ Solutions at the American Public Health Association Meeting (APHA) Booth #1003

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As a public health organization dedicated to improving the world’s health through communication, education, research, and the use of advanced digital tools, IQ Solutions counts APHA as a valued partner. That is why we sponsor this valuable opportunity for 13,000 public health officials to gather in one place. It is also why we present annually and value the opportunity for one-on-one contact with attendees in the exhibit hall.

Please join us Tuesday, November 7, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., as Junaed Siddiqui, M.S., CPH, Senior Digital Public Health Research Associate, discusses how a gamified, physical activity mobile app can control prediabetes in adolescents.

Please also visit the IQ Solutions booth #1003 in the exhibit hall. We look forward to discussing your public health areas of interest and demonstrating how intelligent personal assistants, or smart speakers, can serve as a valuable avenue for disseminating evidence-based health information to the general public. Allow us to also show you how IQ Solutions is reducing our carbon footprint to preserve our atmosphere and our health. We support APHA’s Green Initiatives to help reduce waste during the conference.

We hope you enjoy the vast array of information and networking at this incredible public health event. And remember: we will never be far from you—we're on the flipside of your name tag.