Looking Back on the 2016 National Conference on Health Communications, Marketing and Media

IQ Solutions

A proud sponsor of the 10th Annual NCHCMM, August 23–25 in Atlanta, GA.

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As a proud sponsor of the annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media (NCHCMM), and a corporate member of the National Public Health Information Coalition, IQ Solutions values the opportunity that this event provides to catch up with those who share our commitment to improving the health of the people of this nation. It is a chance to listen to those who have had public health successes, who have sampled new and promising new tools, and who have reached important audiences. It is also an opportunity to showcase one’s own triumphs and discoveries.


As an exhibitor at NCHCMM 2016, IQ Solutions talked about steps to incorporate the advantages of virtual reality (VR) for training and education purposes, and also examined how this new tool, whose time is fast approaching, can serve to realize our public health objectives. Here are some potential ways we will be using VR in public health in the near future.

Visitors to the IQ Solutions’ booth were provided with their own VR device, complimentary Google Cardboard, to experience the VR world and all of its potential first hand!

IQ Solutions also presented at NCHCMM 2016 as follows.

IQ Solutions bridges divides.

We are committed to reaching our Spanish-speaking communities with vital health information as part of our key strategy. In “Broadening Reach Through the Development of a Responsive Website En Español,” Claudia Siervo, M.A., and Kim James, M.S., engaged visitors, using our electronic monitor, with data on the impact of our award-winning website en Español, which was built as a responsive website for the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. The new site now reaches Hispanic audiences where they are seeking health information, on their mobile phones, and the number of visits to the sites has increased markedly! 

IQ Solutions moves strategy into action.

In “Harnessing the Power of Influencer Mapping to Drive Communications Planning for Evolving Public Health Phenomena,” Rob Carroll, Ph.D., R.N., M.N., ACRN, discussed the many benefits to employing Influencer mapping and social listening tools as a significant informant to more successful health communication goals. How can you and when should you integrate these tools in your toolbox? As an example, Dr. Carroll used IQ Solutions’ sentiment mapping of the HIV prevention protocol, pre-exposure prophylaxis.

IQ Solutions is dedicated to the innovation and exploration of new and effective communication tools.

In fact, it is at the heart of IQ Solutions’ mission. Scott Jones, our market research and analytics guru, unveiled a new, more robust and meaningful way to measure online engagement in his presentation, “Engagement Metrics for Digital Public Health Communication Channels: A New Quantitative Methodological Approach. Mr. Jones showed the efficacy of newly introduced engagement metrics as they apply to a variety of channels and situations.


For more information on our public health work at IQ Solutions or to discuss working with us, please contact Julie Hentz, director of social issue marketing, jhentz@iqsolutions.com.

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