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IQ Solutions, a full-service company, focuses on innovative health education and communications supported by evidence-based research, public health theory, and advanced information technology. For 25 years, our passion for making a difference continues to drive us to create engaging approaches to empowering wellness. To learn more about how our integrative solutions can help your organization reach its goals and audiences, please contact Julie Hentz, Director of Social Issue Marketing, by email at or by phone at 240‑514‑1104.

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IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions’ Corporate Learning Takes Another Step Forward with IQ Smart

At IQ Solutions, we believe that learning and development are vital to both personal employee success as well as achievements in public health. Since 2006, we have provided training and professional development support to our employees to ensure their knowledge and skills continually expand both with the demands of our business and with their own desires for advancement.

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IQ Solutions

Let’s Get Real: Virtual Reality in Public Health Communication, Part 1

Since our inception, IQ Solutions, Inc., has leveraged the latest technologies to produce forward-thinking digital health solutions that expand way beyond traditional health communication approaches. These efforts provide innovative strategies for effectively delivering, and maximizing the reach of, impactful health messaging to key audiences.

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IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions at ComNet16 in the Motor City

IQ Solutions has been a proud supporter of the ComNet Annual Meeting for many years.

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IQ Solutions

National Public Health Week

April 4 to 10 is National Public Health Week, an observance that reinforces the value of vital health information, education, and practice to the American public. 

A graphic announcing the SOPHE 67th annual meeting, Building Capital, investing in the future of health education. March 30 - April 1 2016. Charlotte, NC.
IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions at the SOPHE Annual Conference

IQ Solutions will be supporting the Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE) by exhibiting at their Annual Conference on March 30th in Charlotte, NC.

IQ Solutions

Agents of Change Summit

IQ Solutions employees attend the Agents of Change (AOC) Summit in San Diego, California. 

IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions Wins National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Research Translation and Dissemination for Adolescents Contract

“We are thrilled to continue our work with NIDA,” said Ileana Quintas,  CEO  and founder of IQ Solutions. “We recognize NIDA’s critical role in providing valuable resources to help reduce the pain and suffering involved with those affected by drug abuse. Supporting NIDA in this important mission has been our mission at IQ Solutions for almost twenty years.”

IQ Solutions

IQ Solutions Proudly Sponsored the American Public Health Association Meeting & Expo

The 143rd Annual APHA Meeting and Expo began November 1, 2015, in Chicago with the theme of “Health in All Policies.”

IQ Solutions

The Strengths Project Moves Forward

To date, more than 140 IQ Solutions employees have engaged in this fun and illuminating StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. As we move through the process of promoting the assessment to all IQ Solutions employees, we are also making strides to become a strengths-based organization.


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