Jennifer McCulley, Ph.D., PMP

Project Manager and Senior Science Writer

A hashtag that describes my tenure at IQ Solutions: #evidence-based-decision-making

As a trained scientist, I bring an evidence-based perspective to all projects, ensuring that our approaches to health content creation, materials development tasks, and communication strategies are grounded in research and that an evaluation component is woven throughout the project to measure success. As a communicator, I ensure that scientific content is accurately—and appropriately—translated in a manner that conveys the intended message and elicits the intended response for the target audience.

I love looking at the “big picture” of a project and leveraging past experience to identify new opportunities and connections between activities. And I understand that making policy and program decisions can be hard—which is why I am passionate about developing decision-making tools to better analyze, justify, and defend health-related decisions at a federal, community, or personal level.

My biggest inspiration is watching communities design and implement approaches to improve the health of their citizens, and figuring out ways to communicate those practices to a wider audience to promote a healthier future for all.

My Thoughts

IQ Solutions at the Society of Public Health Educators (SOPHE) Conference

IQ Solutions supported the Society of Public Health Educators (SOPHE) by exhibiting at the Annual Meeting, March 30 – April 1 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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