Margot Paul

Senior Digital Public Health Research Associate

A hashtag that describes my tenure at IQ Solutions: #neverstoplearning

I graduated in May from Tulane University with an M.S. in behavioral health. I have years of experience conducting and analyzing research, as well as presenting and writing reports.

I bring my knowledge of the psychology behind why people act and behave the way that they do, and use that information to present data or market a product in a way that resonates with the target population, to help create behavior change. It gives me great pleasure to work on projects at IQ Solutions that help increase the population’s public health.

My biggest inspiration is seeing the products that IQ Solutions develops, such as the Suicide Safe App, create a positive difference in the nation’s public health.


My Thoughts

Choose To Eat Healthier at IQ Solutions

Proximity to unhealthy foods tempts people into eating them and makes it harder to say “no.” However, when those unhealthy foods are replaced by healthier options, creating easier access to healthy foods than unhealthy foods, people are more likely to choose the healthy options.

Hop on the Treadmill Desks To Improve Your Overall Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that adults partake in “at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity...per week."

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