Robert Carroll, Ph.D.(c), R.N., ACRN & Alexis Hall, M.P.H.

Robert Carroll and Alexis Hall

Robert Carroll, Ph.D.(c), R.N., ACRN: A hashtag that best describes my 4-year tenure at IQ Solutions: #EmpowerThroughKnowledge

Alexis Hall, M.P.H.: A hashtag that describes my tenure at IQ Solutions: #preventionbeatscure

Robert Carroll, Ph.D.(c), R.N., ACRN

For more than 25 years, I have worked in both governmental and civic public health. As a health communications team member at IQ Solutions, I have united my clinical expertise in HIV, behavioral health, and nursing with my skills in project management, health communications, and marketing, and my passion for innovation.

I am committed to decreasing health disparities, and it is a privilege to combine my clinical and communications skills to help improve the lives of our nation’s most marginalized and underserved.

I am most inspired when I learn how the work I’ve been involved in has positively affected the life of a person in crisis or need.

Alexis Hall, M.P.H.

I bring a new wave of more than 2 years of epidemiology and public health experience, including HIV and other infectious diseases expertise, strong analytical skills, research reporting, and research grant writing.

I enjoy witnessing first-hand how mental illnesses and chronic and infectious diseases are being prevented and progression is slowed in a variety of populations. Characterizing preventative research and bringing attention to under researched areas is a big deal… It is very motivating knowing that we are at the forefront of reducing health disparities.

My biggest inspiration is watching the creativity of principal investigators in developing clinical trials, interventions, models, or methods to promote good health and well-being and prevent new ailments, while they tackle existing health conditions one by one, and sometimes simultaneously.

My Thoughts

World AIDs Day
Robert Carroll and Alexis Hall

World AIDS Day: A Renewed Call to Action

Leadership. Commitment. Impact. These powerful words, the federal theme of this year’s World AIDS Day, underscore the dedication that continues to drive the quest for an AIDS-free generation through prevention, care, and cure.

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