Scott Jones

Senior Manager, Market Research and Analytics

Create a hashtag that best describes your 6-year tenure at IQ Solutions. #DataIsFun!

I am strongly analytical and creative. I’m a “numbers person” who loves to transfer data into creative pictures and visualizations that tell a story. In analytics, one can also be creative with data, because it’s often necessary to combine multiple data elements in order to tell the right story.

I enjoy web and social media analytics because that’s where the world is going, so to speak, and there is so much detail with which to tell the story. Also, being able to tell a story with data, putting it in terms that everyone can understand, is a lot of fun—especially when it changes strategy and direction.

My biggest inspiration is living my life as a Christian, and being able to honor God in all that I do. After that, it’s my family—my wife, Linda, and two children, Zach and Anna.  It’s a lot of fun spending time with them just hanging out.

My Thoughts

Reason #7

Part Two: Why Your Public Health Agency Needs a Blog

This is the second part of a two-part series and includes reasons 6 through 10 why your public health agency needs a blog. Part one reviews the 10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog - Reasons 1 - 5

Part One: Your Public Health Agency Needs a Blog

This is a series and includes reasons 1 through 5 why your public health agency needs a blog. Read reasons reasons 6 through 10. 

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