Illustration of two teens on an urban sidewalk pointing at a sign in a storefront that says “you can prevent HIV.”images of two pages from the CDC website that feature information about the WSCC model.images of a printed book with wire binding and a cardboard stand. The book features images of the WSCC model with associated definitions.

Empowering Prevention for HIV, STDs, and Unplanned Pregnancy Among Youth

Promoting a Powerful Model to Educators and Public Health Professionals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tapped the IQ Solutions team to promote the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model and develop a coordinated system of promotional products to raise awareness and educate key audiences about CDC’s alignment with the model. We started the process with formative research; interviewing key stakeholders to determine their top priorities and how the model can assist them in achieving their objectives. We also learned about the audiences’ preferences for receiving communications about how CDC supports the model. With this information, we created a plan to produce new web pages and features for the CDC site.

This animated video demonstrates the WSCC model in action and highlights CDC’s support of many of the model’s components.

To maximize the educational value of the site, we included interactive features and multimedia to engage the user and demonstrate the various components of the WSCC model in real life situations. An animated video provides examples of the components in action and how they affect adolescents throughout their school day, at home, and in their community. A shorter, 1 minute, video was produced for promotion on social media.

Creating a Truly Engaging User Experience

The WSCC model is a powerful tool for informing policy and practice, but it can also serve as a user interface. For the web pages, we created hover states and made the model itself clickable. This invites users to interact directly with the model and explore all of its components.

altInteractive features and multimedia engage users to learn more about the WSCC model.

Usability testing was conducted as one-to-one interviews with participants from local, state, and national organizations. The results of this testing provided us with insights to refine the content and design to provide a more effective user experience.

Additionally, we designed a brief digital and printed book to be used by state and local educational professionals to educate their members and promote implementation of the WSCC model.

altPrinted flipbooks feature laminated pages and built-in cardboard stands for tabletop use.

In all the products developed for this initiative, writing content in plain language was paramount. Using interviews and academic sources, the IQ Solutions team created copy that brings the benefits of the WSCC model to a wider audience for their youth-focused efforts to prevent HIV, STDs, and unplanned pregnancy.