Molly Alawode, M.Sc.

Digital Public Health Research Analyst

Omalade Alawade

The hashtag that best describes my more than 1½ years at IQ Solutions: #StayFlexible

I use my multidisciplinary background in public health, biomedical science, and medical anthropology to deliver evidence-based digital solutions that promote disease prevention.

At IQ Solutions, I get to pursue my passions for digital health, health education, research, and reaching special populations.

I get inspired when the programs and products that I help design, implement, or evaluate actually lead to changes in health behavior and improvements in health outcomes.

My Thoughts

Omalade Alawade

5 Tips for Deciding Whether to Develop an mHealth App

The scope of public health tools is expanding to include more digital platforms, wearable devices, and mobile technologies that promote health and prevent disease.

Omalade Alawade

Expert Tips for Government Health Innovation

Government health innovation: Yes, those words go together, especially at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Idea Lab, where the ultimate goal is a more modern and effective government.

Omalade Alawade

How Your Zip Code Can Affect Your Weight

In the case of obesity, evaluating Healthography reveals how the built environment influences access to healthy food, physical activity, and safe spaces at home, the workplace, and in the community.

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