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Life Around the Call Center

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Each Day Is Something New

Some may think working at the call center is an ordinary routine—it’s anything but ordinary. Each time the phone rings, I know someone on the other end needs help, whether it be for a general question or a person in distress begging for someone to listen to them. Each call is just as important as the last. The mystery in what could come next keeps me attentive, confident, and alert for whatever concern or issues may be thrown in my direction.

The Most Rewarding Challenge

As a call is answered, it’s like a new challenge is accepted. That challenge is to provide the utmost current, useful, and relevant information to the individual’s needs. Using a vast amount of tools at our fingertips, time is sometimes of the essence with these calls. Typing away, searching through different filters and avenues, an information specialist’s job requires the right individuals to sift through endless resources and tailor them down to the caller’s precise needs.

A 24/7 Shift

The job of an information specialist is a unique one—in most cases, it provides the stepping stone for an individual looking for a change in their lives. As an information specialist, you become the medium between a caller looking for help and those who can provide the assistance. A caller looking for local Alcoholics Anonymous classes, someone looking for an intensive outpatient facility, a mother looking to get her son into a behavioral health facility to be evaluated and diagnosed: All of those scenarios are just a piece of a whole that make up the job. With hundreds of calls both in English and Spanish, mail and email inquiries, and publication orders, an information specialist’s job is never just an ordinary dull day. Being open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day means someone will always be there on the other end of the line to say “Thank you for calling SAMHSA, how can I help you?”—something I am proud of doing each and every day at IQ Solutions. 

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Evelyn's picture
November 17, 2015
Great article, we are proud to have information specialists like you that turn challenges into helping others with kindness and knowledge. Thanks for inspiring us!
Gustavo Rivadeneira's picture
November 17, 2015
Thank you for writing this motivational words every call is a challenge and, to answer a call is to aid someone who is in desperate need. Congratulations
Youssef Soufiane's picture
November 17, 2015
Wow, wonderfully written and right on point. Thank you Eduardo Amaya.
Loretta's picture
November 17, 2015
Eduardo you did an excellent job in letting others see our job through the eyes of information specialist who have heart that cares about helping others. Our job is a rewarding one. Thank you for how you relayed this message!
Alba Alas's picture
November 17, 2015
Congrats on this incredible post Eduardo!!!

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