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IQ Solutions has been a proud supporter of the ComNet Annual Meeting for many years.

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IQ Solutions has been a proud supporter of the ComNet Annual Meeting for many years. Numerous foundations and nonprofits that are members of the Communications Network come together annually to share successes and best practices, and to gather and grow from exciting strategies presented by some of the nation’s top communicators in journalism and activism. 

altPictured: Julie Hentz, Barrett Whitener and Malini Runnells

This year’s speakers were as illuminating as in previous years. They included the award-winning New York Times op-ed journalist and author of Fire Shut Up in My Bones, Charles Blow, who was a special treat, as was The New Yorker staff writer and author, George Packer, and the activist and author, Aaron Belkin, for his dedicated work to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

IQ Solutions’ work with Sentiment Mapping and Social Listening for a variety of our clients was featured in The Lab as a key communication tool. The Lab is an appointment-based opportunity for attendees to benefit from a one-on-one conversation with organizations that are advancing communication successes using innovative tactics and tools.

Over 600 foundations and nonprofits gather annually for this learning and networking opportunity, motivated by their dedication to advance outcomes for the social good of people’s health, environment, and education. The ComNet16 experience was artfully crafted by Sean Gibbons and his talented and energetic crew in a city that is coming back to life along with a history that has been integral to American culture, particularly music and transportation, Detroit! IQ Solutions is proud to be part of ComNet16, which is in turn, contributing to the city’s renaissance.

Some attendee comments about the event include:

“The best minds and most eager spirits in nonprofits and foundation communication are all in one place for an extended period of time…”

“One of the best conferences I have ever attended. The right proportion of breakouts, keynotes, and networking time, The Lab was a big bonus, too!”

Follow the event dialogue at  #ComNet16

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