National Health Education Week: October 17–21, 2016

IQ Solutions

Knowledge Improves Lives

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This is the premise on which IQ Solutions was founded 23 years ago by CEO, Ileana Quintas, a health educator. Her vision to improve the health quality of life for all, particularly the most vulnerable, through awareness in the practice of prevention, and by providing access to resources, is the cornerstone for the growth and success of IQ Solutions.

Education and Awareness Are the First Vital Steps in the Process to Healthy Behavior Change.

As a family of health educators and communicators, our IQ Solutions voices speak to the value of health education to support our mission and practice…

“At IQ Solutions, we employ best practices in health education and communication daily. Whether it’s crafting the perfect social media post, designing a national PSA campaign, or promoting the latest mobile app, every message we deliver supports the adoption or maintenance of a health behavior we are striving to help consumers achieve. Early in my career, I had the privilege of working with Dr. Tom Farley, now Commissioner of Health in Philadelphia. I watched him navigate the politics of school food reform, fresh food financing initiatives, and the installation of bike lanes, among many other public health challenges, all practical examples that illustrate that only with proper health education and communication will effective, systems-level change occur.”
~ Lisa Falconer, M.P.H., CHES

“As a health educator, I believe it’s important for me to emphasize that future communication materials (developed with our clients) are truly theory-driven and informed by public health research. It’s important that the messaging we develop for our clients really speaks to their audiences and helps drive positive behavior change.” 
~ Ali Brackett, M.P.H., CHES


“Educating through storytelling came alive for me after presenting plans for a maternal mental health initiative involving educational materials at the premiere advocacy conference for survivors of perinatal depression and anxiety. Attendees shared their moving stories of combating depression with the purpose of educating future mothers. These significant stories, combined with formative research and stakeholder organizations’ input, provided the content for a successful maternal mental health initiative. Stories like these can be significant motivators for change. They continue to inspire the health education work I do at IQ Solutions.”

~ Rachael Picard, M.P.H. candidate

Health Education Through Comprehension

Recognizing the value of plain language to achieve full audience comprehension of health information is a top priority in the strategy of communication messaging at IQ Solutions. Of primary concern is not only construct of the message but ensuring that populations are understanding the full content and context. We are proud that our health messages have been honored frequently by Health Literacy Award competitions.


Health Education Through Partnerships

We support our valued partner, The Society of Public Health Educators (SOPHE), and all of their significant work in the field of health education, as a Charter Affiliate Member.

And we partner with area universities to engage with master of public health (M.P.H.) students, guiding them through the process of concepts to applied practice. We do this through open seminars on public health program practice and by offering internships and practicums.

Standing with our clients, we at IQ Solutions have impacted the lives of so many. And that potential for impact is our motivation to identify new, more creative, and more effective ways to realize continued improvement in the public’s health.

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